The Western world may recognize your through the vigilante activity “Occupy Pedophilia,” that entraps homosexual males and males through phony social media marketing profiles underneath the guise of satisfying various other LGBT youth.

The Western world may recognize your through the vigilante activity “Occupy Pedophilia,” that entraps homosexual males and males through phony social media marketing profiles underneath the guise of satisfying various other LGBT youth.

The subjects are beaten and humiliated by Tesak or his supporters on digital camera. After torture is over, the videos are dumped online for other individuals to view.

Tesak lured these younger gay guys through phony social networking pages according to the guise of encounter other LGBT youth.

Style 18

In 2005, Tesak established an aggressive white-power company also known as style 18, trying to unify the Russian skinheads. 18 meaning Adolf Hitler — A is 1 st and H the 8 th page inside Roman alphabet.

The hatred against Russian minorities extends back to their youth. After are also known as right up for compulsory army provider (during the time a couple of years), a fellow-soldier of Azerbaijani origins beat him up so incredibly bad that, appropriate a mental fitness assessment psychiatrists revealed your from the service.

A few years later on, their cluster structure 18 used Web to acquire people who have similar information and surprise the public utilizing the video clips of skinheads beating and stabbing Asian migrant people and homeless. At that time internet videos were uncommon. One video clip on Youtube got published exactly the same season in 2005 on April 23 rd .

Ross Kemp went to Tesak also people in Moscow in their tuition system for all the documentary collection for Ross Kemp on Gangs and was introducing Tesak to English-speaking community with “From Russia with detest.”

The thoroughly orchestrated attacks accumulated mass media interest in 2007 whenever a video title The performance of a Tajik appeared. The shocking video clip highlighted an execution of two medicine dealers from Caucasus area for the forest near Moscow. The guys happened to be hanged and dismembered by 20 everyone wearing white robes of this Ku-Klux Klan.

In ’09, the great legal of Russia discovered Tesak and another person in style 18 Artem Zuev guilty of “inciting hatred or enmity on the basis of nationality or spiritual association” and sentenced both people three years in jail, Zuev with probation.

The defendants made the legal think the video clip was staged just like the remainder of the films, therefore the lighter phrase. Tesak managed the hanging is merely a dramatization, the skin for the dismembered captives had been meat, and labeled themselves as “producer,” “director” and “an innovative person.”

The agents with the Investigative panel of Russia analyzing the excecution videos at issue.

Strangely, The Russian Investigative Committee advertised the events found within the videos really performed happen. Website of structure 18 where videos had been initially uploaded ended up being closed within consult of an anti-fascist business plus 2010 the entire class ended up being blocked for extremism of the legal.

No body might experimented with for any so-called beheading.

After their next demo, Tesak forecasted his decision to reporters:

In my opinion they are going to give myself five years considering that the medicine traffickers include, when I comprehend, by the Constitution, an insulated social party. In theory, We buy into the choice of judge and also to apologize. I am delighted I’ve never ever discussed pedophiles because i do believe then they might have offered myself a tougher sentence. I suspect the pedophiles were a much more protected party.

Tesak premiered on December 31, 2010.

Occupy Pedophilia

As assured, immediately after their release Tesak produced “Occupy Pedophilia” — another “personal venture” targeted at promoting state Socialism and a reason to beat and humiliate everyone. He states combat pedophiles., but most of the time, the goals include gay people. They’ve been tempted utilizing online dating sites and social media for intense punishment — all videotaped and posted using the internet for any other to view.

20-year-old dark-skinned overseas beginner David Smith inclined to fulfill an imaginary homosexual 15-year-old guy. His locks ended up bbw dating online Australia being reduce, and then he got forced to hug a watermelon (age of consent in Russia is actually 16).

A few of the men caught on cam actually are pedophiles, but the range for vigilantes is actually thin. Through the days of communism, homosexual boys in Russia include sees pedophiles. The bad label of gay boys as youngster molesters provides only been already shed during the civilized western culture, it is however greatly alive in east. Usually, the adjective for somebody being homosexual “pederasty”, therefore both gay and pedophile similar to it actually was inside the unlawful codec of Soviet Union.

From the criminal codec of Soviet Union. Artice 121. Pederasty. Sexual connections of a guy with a person (pederasty), shall be punished by starvation of liberty for a term all the way to five years. Pederasty committed aided by the applying of actual force, or risks, or with regards to a minor, or benefiting from the dependent place in the sufferer, will probably be punished by deprivation of independence for an expression as high as eight ages

Surprisingly adequate, there were no regulations against feminine homosexuality.

Tesak looks in mere a fraction of the video clips. Vigilantes in numerous metropolitan areas than Moscow use the same style, but Tesak requires the reputation for beginning they. He also goes as much as asking cash to get section of “the look for pedophiles” and phone calls it “safari.”

Many of the males within the movies went lacking for as yet not known grounds; possibly they are slain or used their lives of pity.

The activity enjoys big readers and hot subject on Russian social media web sites — generally on

The Restruct

Tesak has received a hand in anything — from bodybuilding and vlogging to ponzi-schemes and publishing. Restruct are a kind of successor for Format 18 which was blocked. The primary purpose is distributing nationwide Socialism ideology, find pedophiles and drug sellers.

The book holds the same identity and is also a type of autobiography of Tesak (written by himself!) where the guy carefully outlines everything that possess occurred to your in prison and exactly what the guy thinks about the present political routine.

Tesak happens to be throughout the Russian Internet scene for long some time has gathered a lot of supporters.


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